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TEAM BIOCOM – Distribution spatiale, dynamique et traduction fonctionnelle de la biodiversité des communautés microbiennes telluriques

 Team Leader : Pierre-Alain MARON

The BIOCOM team "Spatial distribution, dynamics and functional significance of the biodiversity of soil microbial communities" is currently composed of 4 permanent researchers, one technician, and two non-permanent scientists (1 phd, 1 post-phd). The project of the team is structured around three main axes:

- The first concerns the identification of the processes and filters that determine the spatial distribution of soil microbial communities at different scales (from the soil aggregate to the national territory).

- The second axis aims to decipher the involvement of microbial diversity in the biological functioning of the soil (C-cycling, primary productivity, soil stability,…)

- The third axis represents a more targeted research which aims to develop and provide tools / operational solutions to land users to assess the microbiological quality of the soil; but also to determine how to manage microbial communities to optimize ecosystemic services provided by agricultural soil.

The approach developped is based on the mobilization of community ecology, spatial ecology, and functional ecology concepts. From a methodological point of view, the implementation of this approach is based on the characterization of the taxonomic and functional diversity of microbial communities by molecular approaches (mainly the analysis of nucleic acids extracted from the soil). Experimental devices used target a large range of land use practices and integrate different spatial (from microbial habitat to landscape) and temporal scales (from microbial generation time to crop rotation cycles).

Researches of this team are therefore positioned in terms of "Environmental Microbiology" as they respond to both fundamental microbial ecology issues (micro-biogeography, functional ecology ...) and other more targeted concerns related to a sustainable management of agro-ecosystems.


Bourgeteau-Sadet Sophie, MCF, Agrosup Dijon

Chemidlin Nicolas, MCF, Agrosup Dijon

Maron Pierre-Alain, CR, INRA,

Nowak Virginie, TR, INRA

Ranjard Lionel, DR, INRA