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Thesis 2014 - 2015

Kevin GROSJEAN (2015)

Title of the thèsis : Micro domaines ordonnés de la membrane plasmique végétale : Caractérisation et rôle dans la sig...
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Chloé MERLIN (2015)

Search for biological signature of the degradation of chlordecone in soil of the French West Indies,
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Claudia Carolina UGARTE NANO

Study of the variability of the physical and hydrodynamic properties of a clay soil under the influence of conducts ...
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Nasima AIT LAHMIDI (2015)

Sugar transport and partitioning during arbusculor mycorrhizal symbiosis (from basic to applied science),
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Olivier ESSIANE ONDO (2014)

Characterization of old wheat varieties for their capacity to form mycorrhiza and mycorrhization impact on the seed...
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Induction de résistance de la vigne au mildiou : aspects coûts/bénéfices et impact d'une intensité lumineuse li...
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Rémi PERRONNE (2014)

Characterization of the functional structure of weed community in agroecosystems,
Director: Sabrina ...
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Vincent TARDY (2014)

Link between microbial diversity, microbial community stability and soil organic matter turnover,
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Marine PEYRET GUZZON (2014)

Etude moléculaire de la diversité des communautés et populations de champignons mycorhiziens à arbuscules (Glome...
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