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Precision Agriculture Team

Precision Agriculture Team

Innovative Crop Protection Solutions


Team Leader : Christelle Gée

The site-specific management of agricultural inputs or monitoring of the health status of crop fields require to characterize cultivated plots at the different scales (in situ, remote or proximal sensing) and to optimize farm field equipment with the ability to precisely control the rate of application (VRT: Variable Rate Technology). Thus, it contributes to heading off the risks of environmental degradation and to strengthen the sustainability of agro-ecosystems.

The imagery systems, electronics, U.A.V. and robots are new technologies developed in the precision agriculture team. As an example to characterize the fertilizer spread pattern of a spreader or to develop a real-time localized sprayer are new challenges that we are trying to overcome in collaboration with firms and technical institutes. Innovative crop protection solutions seem to be one of the responses to the strain placed upon our farmers to reduce environmental damage and improve production quality. 

To achieve this will entail the use of sophisticated agricultural machinery but a prior accurate diagnosis of the vegetation within the field (mapping of vegetation species and health status) should be established. Thus, it is important to understand, to precisely analyze plants to develop indicators for a robust identification of the vegetation through a spatial and temporal evolution or by exploring different models (competition between species…).


Gee Christelle, PR

Jones Gawaïn, MCF

Martin Richard, TR

Paoli Jean-Noël, MCF

Villette Sylvain, MCF