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 COMPARE TEAM - Weeds communities and trophic networks in agricultural landscapes

Leader : Bruno Chauvel


Research conducted within the COMPARE team seeks to increase our understanding of the combined effects of cropping systems and of the wider landscape context of arable fields on weed communities and on weed-based trophic networks. Among the trophic interactions under focus in the team, special attention is being paid to weed seed predation by carabid beetles.

Several complementary approaches are conducted, (i) Large-scale surveys and/or monitoring of networks of farm fields under contrasted agricultural management and landscape settings ssess the relative effects of these factors on weed communities, seed-predator communities and the stability and resilience of weed seed predation, (ii) semi-experimental monitoring of the impact of agroecological infrastructures (grass strips, flower strips) on weeds and natural enemies; (iii) mesocosm experiments to decipher the complex interactions between weeds and weed seed predators and (iv) spatially explicit modelling to assess the response of weeds to the spatial and temporal organization of the agricultural landscape.

STAFF Members

Biju-Duval Luc, AI, INRA,

Bohan David DR, INRA

Carbonne Benjamin, doctorant

Chauvel Bruno, DR, INRA

Dérocles Stéphane, Post-Doc

Dessaint Fabrice, IE, INRA

Ducourtieux Chantal, TR, AgroSup

Felten Emeline, TR, INRA

Matéjicek Annick, AI, INRA

Petit Michaut Sandrine, DR, INRA

Ricci Benoît, CR, INRA

Sarrasin Claue, TR, INRA