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Induced Resistance

Induced Resistance

Team Leader : Adrian Marielle

The « Induced resistance » team develops basic and applied research dealing with the induction of plant resistance to pathogens by elicitors of defense responses. Basic research mainly concerns (i) the identification and study of molecular events essential to elicitor-induced resistance (IR) and (ii) the importance of plant development / physiological status on its responsiveness to IR. Applied research aims at developing a strategy of crop protection including IR. Grapevine, a crop of high economic interest that requires numerous treatments due to its susceptibility to different cryptogamic diseases, is our main model plant although Arabidospsis is also used for basic approaches.


Main projects currently developed (European, FUI projects and projects in partnership with companies) :

- Identification of new MAMP (Microbe Associated Molecular Patterns)-type elicitors and their associated receptors (PRR receptors, Pattern Recognition Receptors).

- Identification of key molecular events associated to elicitor-IR

- Study of the effects of factors modulating plant development / physiological status (environmental factors, biostimulants) on plant responsiveness to IR.

- Study of the bioavailability of oligosaccharidic elicitors in leaves (localization and tracing after spray, and role of the cuticle).


E. Bernaud, AI, INRA (50%)
A. Chiltz, AI, INRA
X. Daire, IR, INRA
C. Guillier, IR, CNRS
M-C. Heloir, MC, UB
L. Jacquens, AI, UB
A. Klinguer, TR, INRA (40%)
B. Poinssot, MC, UB
S. Trouvelot, MC, UB