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Thanks to the recent development of high-throughput sequencing and genotyping technologies, the team was able to develop unique genomic resources for pea and fababean breeding. The first pea full-length Unigene sequence set was developed for the reference genotype cv Caméor (Alves-Carvalho et al. 2015) and served to generate a high density microarray for functional genomics. A Gene Expression Atlas based on RNAseq data allows visualizing expression profiles of any gene of interest in various tissues subjected to different conditions. Re-sequencing data for diverse pea genotypes including parents of mapping populations identified millions of SNP that were filtered and mounted on an effective 13.2 K SNP high-throughput genotyping array. A high-density high-resolution consensus genetic map was built (Tayeh et al. 2015) which specified the conservation of synteny among pea, Mtr, L. japonicus and revealed duplicated regions in the pea genome, both tandemly and distantly. The team now concentrates on deciphering the genetic control of different plant mechanisms including root and nodule development, Rhizobium strain preference by host plant, and tolerance to abiotic stresses associated with climate change.

The team is involved in various aspects of pulse breeding strategies and integrative actions. It manages an ex situ collection of spontaneous genetic resources of pea (Pisum sativum L.), Faba bean (Vicia faba L.) and white lupin (Lupinus albus L.), builds a method for identifying and quantifying crop limiting factors, implements marker assisted selection –including genomic selection (Tayeh et al. 2015)- in fababean and in pea. The team is also solicited to provide expertise at different levels of the grain legume chain of production as well as to coordinate large national and international scientific projects (project coordination of ANR GENOPEA (2010-2014) ; Projet Investissement d'Avenir PeaMUST (2012-2019) ; The Pea Genome Sequencing Project International Consortium (2012-2018).


Aubert Grégoire, IE (0.5)

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Chabert-Martinello Marianne, ATP

De Laramberghe Henri, TR

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Desmetz Catherine, AI (0.5)

Huart Naudet Myriam, IE

Houtin Hervé, TR

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Marget Pascal, IR (0.5)

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Naudé Florence, TR

Ollivier Damien, ATP

Raffiot Blandine, AI (MAD Cetiom)

Régulier Jennifer, ATP

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Siol Mathieu, CR

Touratier Michael, TR

Vieille Emilie, TR (0.5)